Logotype of Kolomyia

Logotype’s conception 

The logo consists of three basic elements: the star (other Ukrainian names: Alatyr, ruzha) which is an archaic spiritual symbol and also the basic element of Kolomyia’s Pysanka, the circle or the wheel (an ancient symbol-synonym of the city) and eight sectors-arrows. All these elements are perceived as a harmonious unity.

The structure of the logotype echoes a popular local interpretation of the city’s name: Коло-Ми-Я [kolo-mi-ja], where [ja] (eng. Me) is represented by a single “arrow” (one person) and [mi] (eng. We) is represented by the eight “arrows” (a group of people). Together they form a [kolo] (eng. Wheel, Circle), the symbol of movement, development, people’s unity. The idea of unity is intensified by a laconic slogan and short white segments-arcs that seem to bind the logo’s elements in a circle.

One more unity, which we can see in the logo, is the bond between the past and the present: two archaic symbols (the circle and the star) are formed by arrows designed in a modern, eccentric and somewhat funny way.

Three colors of the logo - cherry red, orange, yellow – are the colors of Kolomyia’s Pysanka, an archaic symbol, thus a vector to the past of the city. The forth color – green – is the symbol of something new, alternative, growing.

The logo has two approaches as to its interpretation: that of a local citizen and that of a city guest. From the point of view of a guest, the arrows demonstrate the city attraction, the call to visit a picturesque Kolomyia. And a local citizen can see the symbol of unity in the logo when a cooperative work, a joint effort and intention of different people (many-colored arrows) can create something beautiful, spiritual and really great (the star in the centre) and at the same time they circle the wheel of progress (outward circle).

Accordingly, the guests perceive the slogan “unites” as a promise of a warm welcome and the perspective to find new friends while for the citizens it is the reminder that friendship and society support are very important in everybody’s life.

There is also a philosophical interpretation of the logo: opposite points of view (two opposite arrows of the same color) should not confront but help each other to build something outstanding and wise. Just like the arrows built the spiritual symbol.

Visual associations of the logotype

Basic associations 

Wheel – the symbol of development and movement, one of Kolomyia’s ancient symbols.
Alatir – the powerful spiritual symbol, the Sun symbol, the symbol of the God’s presence.
Arrow – the symbol of concentration, intention, movement.

Important associations

Stitch in a circle – folk art, embroidery, bond.
Kolomyia’s Pysanka – the association with this building is in three colors (cherry red, orange, yellow), a rounded form with the Alatir in the centre.
Arcane – an ancient hutsul folk dance, fiery and sacral.

Additional associations

Svarha (ladinets + koliadnyk) – female and male variants of this symbol are united in one shape.
Sprout – the symbol of everything new is in the green color of the logo that makes its way through three other archaic color.
Bicycle «star» - this possible association can be regarded as a reference to one of the popular means of travelling.
Seal – the symbol of quality and reliability.